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About our Supported Living Model/Approach

We are a company limited by guarantee and is registered under the Companies Act 1985. Our company number is 9408433. Sunlight Homecare Services Ltd is dedicated to supporting people with learning disabilities to live the lives that they want to live. We Support our Service Users to live in their own home, providing opportunities to make new friends or go back into work and we aim to ensure that those we support do live life to its fullest. At Sunlight Homecare Services Ltd, we want all our Service Users to have support that is right for them. The kind of Support depends on individual circumstances. We give some people lots of support every day and at night whilst others are supported for only a few hours a week. Each of our Service Users have the right to expect excellent standards of support and we make sure our staff team will support individuals to match their needs and interests. Supported Living Accommodation is currently our main area of support and we are committed to offering this model to people with learning disabilities and in the future,  we are going to look into running residential care homes.

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How we do it

Our Service Users live in their own home. We call this supported living. In this kind of support, the Service Users may be tenants or own their property. Depending on the needs of the individual, this support varies from a few hours a week to 24-7 support for individuals with complex needs. Some of those living in their own homes share support, while others have individual support. With supported living, people have greater choice over many aspects of their lives like: 

1. They usually choose who lives with them, who comes into their home and who supports them.

2. They have more security of tenure. 

3. They have their own keys.

4. They pay bills and buy their own food and other items. 

5. They are supported to be good tenants. 

6. They choose to shop and cook on their own or as a group. 

With our Supported Living Accommodation, our Service Users live in their own home. Our staff don’t have an office or other dedicated space in the property, except where overnight sleep-ins are part of their Support. In these and other ways, supported living is different from registered care homes. We Support individuals to move into their own home from hospitals or Care/Residential homes. In this way they will flourish with the change and become more active in their local community. At Sunlight Homecare Services Ltd, we aim for everyone in our Supported Living Accommodation to follow their aspirations, develop their skills, find work if they want to and be as independent and self-supporting as they can. Therefore we believe that our Supported living Model and Approach gives our Service Users more rights, choices and control.


Types of Services We Provide

Learning Disabilities

Mental Health 

Substance Misuse


Referrals and Funding

Sunlight Homecare Services Ltd is a Private Company and our commitment is to offer person centred services unique to you. We consider all funding options from both Professionals and non-professionals as well.

Professional Referrals:

•Care Managers

•Health Services

•Mental Health Services

Non-professional Referrals:

•Private Referrals

•Service Users

•Carers and Families


•Charitable Organisations

working together


Company Directors:

We believe that anyone with a learning disability can be supported to live in their own home in the community. We shall always talk to our Service Users to find out what support they want. We shall always want every one of our Service Users to have choices about their lives. We shall always want every one of our Service Users to have the support that is right for them. We shall always listen to what our Service Users want to do and we shall support them to do it. More people are choosing us to support them because they like the way we work with them.

Our Staff

We train all our Staff to give the best support for our Service Users. 

We make sure that our Staff keep our Service Users Safe. 

We ensure that our Staff care a lot about our Service Users.

Service Users

We will support you to try new activities. 

We will support you to meet new people and develop friendships. 

We will support you to find a job. 

We will find out what you want to do and support you to build any skills you may need. 

We know your family and friends are important to you and we will listen to them too. 

We shall have many meetings with your family so that everyone can understand how everything is going. 

We shall make sure that you can see your family and friends as often as you want. 

We know that your home is very important to you. We can help you find the right home for you, support you to manage your tenancy agreement, you can choose your own furniture and decorations, ou can live on your own in a house and you can live in a house you share with other people.

Working with Families, Health and Care Professionals

We aim to build strong and trusting relationships with families of our Service Users. This means respecting their views, and their role in supporting their family member. Families are often worried when their child leaves home for the first time, and when their family member’s support provider changes. We will pay attention to detail and ensuring that changes go smoothly. Above all, we put families’ loved ones at the heart of decision-making. We also agree with families how and when we communicate with them.  We aim to meet their preferences, whether that is for face-to-face, email, post, phone or any other means of communication. We involve families in the support we provide in many ways, including: 

1. At the initial assessment of the Service Users. 

2. In drawing up and agreeing support plan, health action plan, person-centred planning and Positive Behaviour Support plans. 

3. At best interests’ decision-making. 

4. At review meetings. 

5. At recruitment of their family member’s support team. 

6. In resolving any concerns or complaints (every family has a named staff member who they can contact about their questions and concerns). 

7. We can also put the families of our Service Users in touch with each other, which can help ease any worries.

Quality and feedback

Most of our services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).  We also carry out feedback surveys from our staff about our learning and development programme and from commissioners about our rigorous approach to taking on new services.


If you would like to enquire about our support services, please contact our Head Office or email enquiries@Sunlighthomecare.co.uk


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Opening Hours:

Office hours: Mon- Fri 9:00am-5:00pm

Out of hours: Contact us by email: info@sunlighthomecare.co.uk

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